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Our Programs

Infants 6 weeks - 18 months

We Provide a nurturing environment to care for our babies, our teachers listen and communicate with parents to ensure both the child’s and parents needs are met.

The infant classroom provides many opportunities for stimulating and nurturing young infant’s minds. Young infants determine their own schedules. There is no such thing as a “typical day” in our Infants Classroom, We guide each child towards a more structured and organized schedule to provide constant feeding and rest time.


Social/Emotional, Baby Sign Language, Fine Motor, and Gross Motor.

Mobile 12 months - 24 months

Creekwood provides mobiles with opportunities to learn and explore and are organized into learning centers to engage children in learning through play, while building independence; our teachers communicate with parents to ensure we are working to gather on important milestones, such as potty training and language development also to ensure your child’s daily needs are met.

Our monthly curriculum calendar gives parents a part of each day’s lesson. Introduction to alphabet and numbers.


En la escuela de Creekwood ensenamos al los ninos la idioma espanol. Exponer al niño a un segundo idioma le ayudará a aprender sobre otras culturas. Esto les ayudará a ser pensadores creativos y ayudará a mejorar sus funciones cerebrales cuando envejecen.

Preschool and Pre-K 3 years - 4 years

The preschool classroom provides a structured and nurturing environment that provides children with structured group activities, opportunity to learn to share and play with others, build independence and confidence and acquire the skills needed for kindergarten.

Our teachers complete daily observations and authentic assessment to guild lessons plans and activities while ensuring that each child is meeting developmentally appropriate skills.

Creative Curriculum:

Social/Emotional, Physical, Language, Cognitive, and Literacy.

School Age Before and After School Program

5 years - 11 years

We provide a learning environment for our school age students. Children need to be actively engaged in a learning environment.

Our programs offer enriched opportunities

Leaning centers, opportunities to extend learning beyond the school day from completing homework to fun activities.

We know your child needs a break so these activities don’t feel like learning. The before and after school program include transportation to and form school.

Which Include:

Chavez Elementary, Brent Elementary, Oakpoint Elementary, Hackberry Elementary, and Lakeview Elementary

Our Goal

Our graduation students will be able to read, write, add, subtract and multiply. They will also be able to read books, and write in journals. They will be knowledgeable in Spanish.